Modish Monthly Meetup - July Goals

I'm starting to wonder what the point of my goals are if I don't (ever) complete them. I do like to reference them in times of brain stuck-ness. And maybe scaling back will help. I just find that I get distracted by things NOT on my goal list. Like the new Sustainability series I started. I love it! But wasn't a goal. And I've been working up lots of custom quotes for wedding invites, but again, not a goal. Maybe I should have a blank goal spot that I can fill in at the end of the month for these random things that pop up. Anyway, on to the wrap up and look ahead.

A quick wrap up of my June goals goes like this:1. Why are people flakey? The blog should've been done ages ago. I'm convinced the new hire is a winner though. And when she's done I will rave about her for days.
2. Obvious
3. Too ambitious.
4 & 5 - Giving up on this for the summah
6. YAY!!!! Not only did I jump in and buy some ad space, but I also won some ad space here. Thanks to the Scoutie Girl blog for the heads up on the giveaway.

As for July, I've just returned from a family reunion, we're driving to my brother's wedding in Dallas at the end of the month (for which I must finish the programs!) and have a possible weekend trip to visit a friend in Vegas. So, I'm not holding my breath, but at the absolute LEAST I'd like to see #1 done and #2 started.

Good luck to all of you other Modish Monthly Meet-Up goal setters out there!


Angie said...

I love that you crossed out # 4 & 5. I can relate! Congratulations on making the leap into the marketing world. I would love to hear what sort of response you receive. Keep us posted!

CrowNology said...

Thanks for your comment...I love the way you've presented your goals.
Good luck with the new!
Now to check out the 'Sustainability series' link!

Anna said...

I love your red white and blue sparkler-ized July list, very groovy and good. Awesome that you're inspired by your new series, even if it isn't one of the 'goals'. Maybe it didn't want to be a goal, but more of a surprise visitor, an excellent guest with lots of things to share with you. :)

deb said...

Great format for the list! I really like your idea of a blank goal also. It feels so nice to cross things off the list, even if they werent exactly what you thought was a "goal" when you wrote the list! Good luck for July!

Cyn said...

I look forward to your handwritten goal lists! And I like how you're ruthless in cutting things. Enjoy your time off and good luck this month.

The Filigree Garden said...

I think sometimes you just have to go with the flow on whatever project is calling to you. That's where the creative energy is and you need to follow it.

Kudos to you on buying ad space. I have not been that brave yet. :-)

Your handwritten rules are very creative too.

Melanie said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone! It means a lot!

Plushroom Soup said...

Nice work on your June goals--and congrats on winning ad space! I really like your new Sustainability series. Even if it wasn't a goal, it's great to do new things when the spirit moves you. It can be hard to look back and see that a new thing maybe supplanted a goal, but that's what being your own boss is all about, right? Good luck on your July goals!

Anonymous said...

Lookin good! I love your shop. Let me know about what you find out for advertising! I haven't even started looking for holiday advertising.
Good luck!