Sustainability:::Bottle Stoppers, sea ceramic, felt and pottery with a purpose

Hello Friends!
I don't know if you enjoy reading this Sustainability series, but one thing is for sure; I LOVE "shopping" for them. I just continue to be blown away by the creativity and resorcefulness of artists, designers and craftsman that are working hard at working green. Way to go everyone! And don't forget, if you or anyone you know has an eco-friendly enterprise, leave me a comment and let me know they should be featured! I'm just getting started.

1. Lucky Sustainables - Banksia Bottle Stopper
I love all of the bottle stoppers over at Lucky Sustainables, but this one called to me especially as it's from a tree native to my adopted country, Australia. All of their products (they create more than just bottle stoppers) are crafted out of reclaimed, recycled or renewable wood sources.

2. Seashaped - Sea glass Pottery Necklace
I love aesthetic of traditional sea glass jewelery and quickly became smitten with this necklace created from a piece of broken sea pottery. Was it a plate? A coffee mug? We'll just never know. But now it's a beautiful necklace with new stories just waiting to be written.

3. Home to Roost - Leafy Green & Mint wool felt pillow
Felt always conjures up memories of elementary school crafts and science project displays, but who knew it could look so classy? I love these pillows at Home to Roost because they are eco-friendly inside and out. No clumpy batting here! And make sure to check out their adorable new blog at www.goinghometoroost.com!

4. Just Potters - Bright blue ceramic soap dish
JustPotters is one of the innovative social enterprises of JustWork Economic Initiative. They employ individuals with barriers to traditional employment and assist those facing physical disabilities, mental illness, homelessness and addictions; they also work with refugee claimants and low-income single parents. And not only are they doing a beautiful thing, they are making beautiful things! I want everything in their store, but especially this cheery soap dish!

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