So long May goals and Hello June goals (which are all pretty much the same as my May goals)

It's still the first Friday of the month, right? Whew! Barely made it. Out of the five goals I had set for myself for the month of May, I successfully completed one and a half. The Father's Day cards are up (shameless plug to check them out here) and the new blog is SO CLOSE to being ready I can taste it. I am a total hack with web design and finally hit a wall and wasn't able to finish it. But with the wonderful world of Etsy at my finger tips, I've found someone to finish it for a very reasonable price and even a possible trade. Sweet!

#3 - Instead of making new wedding suites I've been tweaking/adding items for my brother's wedding coming up in July. Everything has turned out perfectly and I love that I just got an invitation I designed sent to me in the mail! Alas, I still need to get designing some new wedding suites.

#4 - Yeah, need to do that.

#5 - I think I'm actually giving up on Flickr for a bit. It's quite time intensive and I just have about a million other priorities right now. I'm not giving up on it forever. Just a bit. Unless someone can convince me otherwise.

#6 - This is the new addition for June. There are some great bargains on blog ads out there. I'd like to find something that will work well for me and maybe buy a 3 month stint. Is that long enough? Thoughts?

Yep. That's my May round up and June goals. The hubby is off at a basketball shin dig tonight so maybe I'll start cranking on something now!


Laura. said...

you DID make it! june sounds busy, but when are we not busy? and would we even like being not busy? and i agree, let's throw away our throw away months and start new. i hope it goes well for you!

Cyn said...

I like your handwritten goals. And I checked out your shameless plug (no need for shame...) I dig the tie design. Good luck with your June goals!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

glitterysah said...

Best of luck for your June goals! Glitterysah x

Cravings Frocks said...

Just popping by from the Modish goals list. Hope your June list is going swimmingly!