Sustainability :: Leashes, leaves, lemons, lamps and alliteration!

If you missed the premier of the new Sustainability series last week, go check out what it's all about here. This week's picks are sponsored by the letter "L". It really was pure coincidence, promise! All of these luscious lovelies are being added to my wish list. Please visit their shops and see all of their beautiful offerings.

1. Annie's Sweat Shop - Recycled Silk Necktie Dog Leash
Since adopting our little girl I'm always on the lookout for cute and affordable dog gear. Annie's Sweat Shop accomplishes both of those with the added bonus of using recycled and sustainable materials. Another perk, send in your old dog collar to recycle with Annie and you'll get $5 off your order!

2. BeSem Natural Scents - Lemon Tea Palm & Beeswax Candle
With scents like Vanilla Chai, Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary Mint and bunches more I could easily spend a fortune over at BeSem. Their wax is harvested from local, sustainable farms, their scents are created with pure essential oils, they don't use glass jars to cut back on waste, and 10% of their profits go to orphan relief!

3. Wired Originals - Wire wrapped leaf earrings
I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewelery, but every girl needs a bit of shine every once in a while and I am in love with Wired Original's creations. All of the wire is created from 100% reclaimed/recycled silver then handformed and hammered into all sorts of creative designs.

4. Bird Wing Productions - Gypsy Drum recycled lamp
I love this recycled and repurposed lamp. Originally a brass relic, this lamp has been given a new life with some TLC, paint and bright fabric. With lots of styles to choose from, there's definitely something at Bird Wing to add a little fun to your home!

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