It's time for some goals, people!

If April showers bring May flowers, I'm hoping April goals bring May crossed-off-to-do-lists. Not quite as poetic but ages more realistic considering it never even rains in April here in the desert. Anyway, the creative/artist/design micro-business community just got a great kick in the pants by the brilliant Jena of Modish and Modish Biz Tips fame. At the Biz Tips blog she put a call of action out to all her readers to set at least 5 goals for the month of April, share them with the world, and be a part of a community that is encouraging each other towards the completion of said goals. Seeing that I have an endless list of things I'm working towards I thought I'd give it a shot. I could always use a little extra motivation and I've already been inspired by some of the other goals I've read and thought maybe someone reading my goals might be similarly encouraged. So, here's my Big Five for April:

1. Get all of my accounting transferred to Quick Books. (Ugh. So tedious, yet SO necessary.)
2. Go to the my local Etsy Street Team meeting for April. (This really shouldn't have to be on here, but I always either forget, or get too busy and I LOVE this group! I need to go.)
3. Create at least 2 more wedding suite designs.
4. Keep up with my Notes & Neighbors and Music to Create to series on my blog.
5. Continuing exploring Flickr, the communities there and all it has to offer.

There it is, folks. I think these are all realistic, necessary and attainable. I guess we'll find out in a month!


June Shin said...

It's a great list to start out with. The accounting thing is a pain, but definitely worth it.

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

Oh man, QuickBooks should be on my list too but I know I wouldn't do it! Good for you!

Laura. said...

hurrah for goals! here we all go!
i am so curious about quickbooks--it seems so overwhelming, but possibly so helpful? i'm not sure if i am ready for it, or what. so i guess i am not going to think about it, but i would be interested to know your thoughts about it, if you care to share.

Anna said...

Number four is something I'd like to do at some point - start a themed post(s). (Maybe that'll creep in to May or June's goal lists). I've done a handful of "wordless wednesdays", but I'm looking forward to creating something I can revisit with specific topics. And I can see how that would be really helpful for focusing. Enjoy your April goals!

modish said...

Quickbooks, I saw that on another person's list too! It is a must, has made my life SO much easier :) Your goals sound realistic- look forward to checking in with you come May!