New at Paper Mango:::It’s Christmastime!

Well, at least it's Christmastime here in Paper Mango land. Keeping in line with my Modish Biz Tip blog goals for this month I've been slaving away thinking cold thoughts and creating some fun holiday card designs. And I'm happy to announce the first of my Holiday Collections is up in the Etsy Store. (Hey, did you happen to notice that handy dandy "SHOP" link at the top of the page? That will take you straight to my newest items on Etsy. Just sayin'.) I kind of have a thing for watercolors and brush strokes right now (and as always crisp, clean lines) and this collection is where those things intersect with a little holiday cheer. Available in the collection are a 5x7 card set (nice and big for including the annual family picture or letter), an A-2 note card set (short, sweet and to the point), and gift tags (self-explanatory). As always, everything is printed on post-consumer recycled paper.

If you have lots of friends, make sure to take advantage of the free shipping for orders of 3 or more sets, and if you happen to own a brick & mortar and if you happen to want to carry Paper Mango's holiday cards give me a shout at melanie{at}papermangodesign.com and let's get together!

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