Music to Create To - thecurrent.org

A few months ago the wonderfully talented Laura of laurabrownart.com introduced me to a local Minneapolis radio station called The Current. Since then I think I've listened to their live internet stream every day. For hours on end. The Current is a sponsored public radio station (think NPR) and therefore isn't trying to please advertisers with a top 40 music line up. Let's just take a look at the artists recently played in red in the screen shot above, shall we? Imogen (we're on a first name basis), Common (only has a first name), The Dandy Warhols and a couple of other artists I'm not super familiar with, but their songs were rocking. The DJs are fabulous (I swear Mark Wheat is Murray from Flight of the Conchords), they have awesome live in studio performances and I always get jealous hearing of all the killer shows coming to Minneapolis. If you work on a computer all day like I do, you should definitely start streaming thecurrent.org. Now.

Happy listening!

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