Craft Happens:::Hanging Inspiration Board Part One

I've been itching to get an inspiration board up in my home studio. However, I've been putting it off because the room is still very much un-finished. There needs to be painting and organizing and probably lots of throwing away and much more to get things "finished". Lack of time and money is preventing this from happening in the next few weeks and I just couldn't wait any longer to have some inspiration in front of me. And where need, creativity and a tight budget intersect...craft happens. This is part one of my hanging inspiration board project. Hopefully it inspires you to get creative with some of your own projects-in-waiting!

Step 1: Divide a package of regular ol' small binder clips from your favorite office supply store into two equal parts.

Step 2: Find two different colors of spray paint that have been hanging out in your garage for a few months begging to be used and spray away with color number one.

Step 3: After they dry flip and repeat with the same color.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 with color number two and viola...

Part one of your hanging inspiration board is done! Stay tuned next week for Part 2. Happy crafting!

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