Sustainability:::Vintage wood & paper, big cushions and little wristlets

As you're reading this, I am most likely somewhere in the middle of New Mexico or Southern Arizona. We're driving on our way back to the AZ after a rowdy weekend in Dallas for my brother's wedding. But, thanks to the magic of technology, here is Sustainability, in it's proper time and place. Enjoy!

1. Farm Frames - 4x4 mint green vintage wood frame
*Sigh* Oh how I want this frame. Hand-crafted in Wilmington, NC - this is a 4" x 4" picture frame made from reclaimed, salvaged wood from an old house. I think this frame single handedly knocks out all three "R's" of the Recycle, Reduse, Reuse philosophy.

2. La Pomme - The Really Big Lavender Bag herbal cushion
This "really big" lavender bag is meant to go right on your beg along side all of your other cushy pillows. It is filled with at least 125 grams of pure, fragrant lavender flowers from France and made from recycled fabric. I feel less stressed just thinking of floating off to sleep with lavender lingering in the air.

3. My Studio - Organic Cotton and Bamboo Wristlet
This gorgeous wristlet is a great size for all your essentials when you want to travel light. Made from fabric by Robert Kaufman from his GreenSTYLE line it is 60% organic cotton and 40% bamboo and printed with environmentally low impact dyes.

4. CrowBiz - Anatomical Heart on Vintage French/English Dictionary
Not really sure what to say about this one, except that I love it and want it in my office for inspiration. I feel like I could look at it for hours and not get bored. Printed on salvaged book pages so no additional trees were harmed in the creation of this art.
* This print seems to be quite popular and sells out quickly. If it's not there when you click through, check back in a day or two.

Happy Shopping!

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