Music to Create To - The Rural Alberta Advantage :: Hometowns

I've been working away to the Rural Alberta Advantage a lot the past few weeks. With tunes that are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll (and a little bit Death Cab and a little bit The Shins) this band remains tight throughout it's diverse sound. The frantic, precise and in your face drumming keeps these songs about, (shock) life in rural Canada, constantly moving forward. I think after a few more weeks the nasally, Billy Corgan-esque voice of lead singer Nils Edenloff will start to wear on me and the RAA will go into a more limited rotation of my "Music to Create To" albums. But until then I'm a big fan. Make sure to give them a listen while their new album "Hometowns" is streaming on Pastemagazine.com. Buy the new album here and visit their website at theraa.com.

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