Music to Create To - Moby :: Wait for Me

Moby was the first artist to introduce me to the world of electronica/dance/trance (whatever you wanna call it) music. And I'm forever grateful. Up until that point I was pretty much a straight forward verse/chorus/hook type of music fan. On this, his latest release Moby takes things down a notch and has composed a beautiful album that lends it self more to meditating than clubbing. I've been listening to this album almost exclusively this week as I've been feverishly trying to fininsh the aforementioned programs for my brother's wedding. It has been the perfect calming soundtrack I needed to stay focused and on task. I can imagine listening to this album sometime while doing some creative brainstorming away from the computer. As for a favorite track, it's hard to say because it all flows so smoothly together, but I really love the "Study War" and "Walk With Me" medley. Check out Moby's website here and download the album here.

Happy Listening!

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