Sustainability:::Glass straws, edibles, v-necks and coasters

I've got another lovely group of sustainable goodies to share this week. So let's cut the chit chat and see the pretties!

1. Straws by Carli - Glass Bended Straw
I love theses reusable glass straws from Carli. They are made of the same glass at Pyrex so you know they're never going to break, they are microwave and dishwasher safe and she uses local glass. I'm envisioning sipping some fresh mango juice with one of these fun straws. Mmmmm.

2. Rikrak - Vintage recycled fabric quilt coasters
These coasters have been on my "to blog" list for a few weeks now. I love the cheery green color and vintage pattern. They are handmade and re-purposed from a vintage bed sheet. Awesome! If green doesn't suit your fancy, there are about a million other patterns to choose from. Check them out!

3. My Victory Garden - Heirloom Oregon Giant Snow Pea Seeds
It doesn't get much more sustainable than growing your own food. I'm a very unsuccessful gardener, but I always try to at least have some fresh herbs in a pot some where. It saves so much money and there's nothing like picking food fresh off the vine for dinner. These snow peas look absolutely scrumptious and are a dwarf variety so they don't need tons of room to grow. Not into snow peas? My Victory Garden has seeds for everything from salad ingredients to peppers to okra. Yum!

4. My Dear Thing - Double V shirt
This stunning shirt is made of a organic cotton/bamboo/spandex blend which means it makes you look good and makes the earth look good all at the same time. A good t-shirt alternative that can easily be dressed up or down.

Happy Shopping!

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Tina- said...

thank you so much for mentioning my little seed shop. you have created a very lovely image here of different products...really appreciate it. also...we like Moby here too (in reference to your previous post...smiles)
Have a lovely week, and thanks again.