{New Series} Sustainability :: Pillows, tea, purses & deer

One of the foundations of Paper Mango is to live, work and create in ways that have a minimal negative impact on our beautiful planet. All of our stationery from birthday cards to wedding suites are printed on post-consumer recycled paper. To me, this is just a given. So I was driving a long the other day listening to an NPR report about the rapid growth of sustainable living methods around the world and started thinking it would be great to have a series here dedicated to green, eco-friendly, recycled, sustainably created products. There are so many of us in the handmade, crafty, micro-business world that function in ways that are far more environmentally friendly than the big companies and corporations and that is exactly what I want to start bringing attention to.

For this first round I have found some absolute gems! They are:
1. Alexandra Ferguson's Tree of Life Recycled Bottle Felt Applique Pillows
These pillows are made from felt that is 100 percent post consumer recycled water bottles. Each pillow is approximately the equivalent of 4 bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill!

2. Wildroot Botanicals - Mint Melodies Tea
I am a sucker for mint tea and this combination looks divine. All the herbs are organic, locally grown, ethically wildcrafted, fair trade certified and freshly picked from their gardens each year.

3. Mingus - The Birds Standing Hemp Purse
Constructed from a sustainable and eco-friendly taupe coloured 90% hemp and 10% yak hair fabric. This purse features Mingus' 'The Birds' illustration that has been hand screen printed onto the front with red water based inks.

4. cj8n - Micro Buck Small Deer Head
No animals were injured in the making of these little guys. Each trophy is made from recycled cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.

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