Notes & Neighbors - The President

Yes, that President. Hey, the Fourth of July is just around the corner so why not join in celebrating our independence and send the Big Boss a little note to let him know what you think. What's that you say? He's never going to read it? Well, probably not. But, his people will and on that "Inside the White House" series Brian Williams did, they said the President reads a selection of the letters he receives. So you're saying there's a chance? Even if your masterpiece of praise/critique doesn't reach Obama's eyes I think one of the best things about this country is being able to share our input with the decision makers and not getting imprisoned or killed for it.

Happy Writing!

ps - This post seems to alienate any of you international readers, but hey, you can send the U.S. president a note too! Think our countries should be better friends, or trade more fairly, or play better with other countries? Let him know! He'll love your accent.

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Angela said...

I like the Dumb and Dumber reference. Clever.