Music to Create To - Upcomming new releases that I just can't wait for!

Ask my who my top 5 musical artists are on any given day and you will probably get a different mix every time. However, there's no doubt that there are two ladies that are mainstays in that group (though their numbered positions may move a bit). And lucky for me, they both have new albums releasing this summer.
Not to be dramatic, but the music of Imogen Heap may have changed my life. I think I played her last album "Speak for Yourself" for six months straight. Then, when I saw her in concert I couldn't believe that she sounded just as good if not better, live. To this day I maintain that her concert is the best I've ever been to. It's been a long four years since that album debuted, but the wait is almost over for some new Imogen tunes. August 4th her new album "Ellipse" will be released, and I'm thinking about making a paper chain to count down the days. Keep up to speed with single and video releases at her website www.imogenheap.co.uk

The second of the "ladies" is Regina Spektor, whose new album "Far" is due to release in just a few short weeks on June 23rd. It took a while for Regina to grow on me...she has got to be one of the most quirky song writers around. But once she did, I was addicted. Sometimes I think it would be a fun creativity inducing project to try and visually interpret her songs, but then I get a headache thinking about it. Head to her myspace page here to listen to new tracks and see the video for her first single "Laughing With".
So, those are the two albums I'm eagerly anticipating this summer. I hope you'll pick them up on iTunes or wherever they're available and do something incredibly creative while listening to them!

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Rose said...

I'm constantly "wow"ed and impressed by your knowledge of music... and even more than that, incredibly appreciative because I love good music, but rarely know where to look for it - I can always count on you Mel! :)