Music to Create To - M. Ward Radio on Pandora

There's been a lot of craziness this week. Multiple design deadlines, a new family member in the house, the LOST season finale (ok, maybe that shouldn't count), preparing for my amazing friend Rose coming to stay with us for a few days, and on and on. I have a tendency when life starts to over whelm me, to just shut down and get paralyzed by it all. So I work hard at making room for calm, peace and balance in my life. All week I have been listening to this M. Ward station on Pandora Radio and it has been helping to keep me productive, on track and sane all week. Some of my most favorite folk/acoustic artists pop up from time to time (Damien Rice, Iron and Wine, Matt Pond PA) and I've discovered a few new-to-me favorites as well (O.C.S, Will Johnson, Famous Last Words). Definitely a good shared station to listen to when times are crazy...not so much when you want to take a nap.

Happy listening!


Laura. said...

I LOVE M. WARD! and i like your 'music to create to' features. if you listen online, i would enthusiastically recommend the current, from minnesota public radio. it is amazing: www.thecurrent.org

Melanie said...

I sit at a computer 10 hours a day listening online. I'll check it out now! Thanks for the tip!