Meet the newest member of Paper Mango

I've been so busy here at Paper Mango, that it was time to face the facts and admit that I needed to get some help. Meet Shea! The newest addition to the Paper Mango team.

Shea specializes in customer service (it's impossible to be disgruntled around her), envelope sealing, and she's also come on board to keep the physical fitness side of Paper Mango on track with lots of walks and outings to the park. You can see below that she put in some hard work on her first day and really needed a quick cat nap.

PS - If you live in the Phoenix Metro area and are also looking for a new employee (or maybe just a cute doggy!) please check out Marley Farms' adoption program, where we found Shea. They rescue dogs (and horses and cats, oh my!) and help them find forever homes.

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