April goal wrap up and new May goals for the Modish Biz Tips Monthly Meetup

For those of you who read my April Goal Update post here, this check list hasn't changed much...or at all. I'm happy with how the month ended. I wish I could've cranked out one more wedding suite design but I really like the one that I did get done. I also probably haven't signed into to Flickr since I wrote my list a month ago. Bummer. So, I'm REALLY excited about my May goals. Some of them I've already started working on, which is probably why my April goals fell a bit short. Oh, A.D.D. you plague me so. Congrats to all the other Monthly Meetup folks who rocked their goals for April. Let's do it again! On to May:

1. Finish new blog design and get live.
2. Get Father's Day cards up on Etsy stat.
3. Design two new wedding suites (for reals this time)
4. Start to put a press kit/email together to start emailing bloggers about Paper Mango (yikes!)
5. Get back to Flickr (also for reals)


The Filigree Garden said...

Good luck on your May goals!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I'm going through and reading everyone's lists. "For reals this time" cracks me up!

Plushroom Soup said...

Great goals--#4 is a biggie! I need to tackle that myself sometime in the near future. . . . Maybe June!

How do you like Quick Books so far?

Liz said...

GO May! and me too love your "for reals"

CrowNology said...

Thanks for the comment.
Good luck with your goals.
Off to visit your Etsy shop.

Laura. said...

yay for goals! these look like good ones. good luck!