The Holidays are Here!

As we're all recovering from that extra piece of pumpkin pie we knew we shouldn't have eaten, Christmas is creeping up on us. Don't be caught off guard this year! There's still plenty of time to order your holiday greeting or photo cards and still have them arrive right on time. Or, if you want to play it safe, order our Snowflake photo card which has an optional "Happy New Year" message. It will give you a few days to recover from the holiday rush and get your cards out after the madness. Head over to our Etsy store to place your order. If you need more cards than the listing shows is available, send me an Etsy conversation with your needs and I'll set up a custom order for you. And don't forget, through our Buy for Life program, 10% of all purchases during the holiday season are going to support the efforts of World Vision.

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