The Buy for Life Project

If you've been over to our Etsy Store you've hopefully read a bit about our "Buy for Life" project. We really believe that everyone has a part to play in making the world a sweeter place and we're dedicated to fulfilling our roll in that mission. We do that in part by using eco-friendly papers, inks and other materials whenever possible in our products. As improvements in products and availability of products continue to grow we plan to increase our use of "green" materials. In addition, we do our best to work with local printers and merchants to cut down on the carbon emissions produced when things are shipped long distances.

And while we love being eco-chic, we're really excited about our Buy for Life Project. There are so many great organizations doing incredible things around the globe making life sweeter for those they come into contact with. We want to help create awareness about these organizations in addition to financially supporting the work they're doing. To this end, we donate 10% of every purchase to our featured organization. If you spend $50.00 we give $5. If you spend $200.00 we give $20.00! So, when you buy from Paper Mango you don't just buy originally designed paper goods, you buy for life. So get spending!

(If you have an organization that you would like to see featured on Paper Mango comment on this post and let us know.)

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