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I've referred to my serious lack of gardening skills numerous times. But I'm so determined to learn how to grow an edible garden here in the desert that it's become a bit of an obsession. So continuing with that theme here is this week's Sustainability picks with an ode to all things plant related.

1. Twofold - Recycled Magazine Vase

This fantastic vase gets it's color and texture from recycled pages out of magazines. Glass on the inside and coated with a waterproof sealant, your recent garden trimmings will shine in this eco-friendly vase.

2. Andrew's Reclaimed - Herb Planter from Reclaimed Cedar

The only think I haven't completely killed in my garden is basil and thyme, so I'm quite partial to herbs. This reclaimed cedar herb box would be great for starting from seeds before transplanting elsewhere.

3. Amaris Arts - Chives Miniature Wall Piece

I've been eying Amaris Arts burned wood art pieces for quite a while. I love these mini pieces because they come with a magnet strip to beautify your refrigerator and wire if you'd rather hang a collection of them on a wall. Created from a recycled Bordeaux wine box.

4. Sudstress - Goat's Milk, Organic Oatmeal and Local Honey Soap

Though this soap looks good enough to eat, I'm guess it will do a better job of moisturizing your skin than filling your belly. Made with orgainc oatmeal and honey that is locally harvested so you can feel good about cleaning up.

Happy Shopping!

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