Music to Create To - Diana Krall :: Quiet Nights

In a pretty big departure from what I've been listening to recently, I am smitten with Diana Krall's latest album, "Quiet Nights". I've been a big Diana fan since the first moment I was introduced to her. I mean, that VOICE! It's like the best piece of dark chocolate; smooth, rich, sweet and as soon as you're done, you want some more. Her latest release is an endless tribute to classic songs and that swinging bossa nova rhythm. One of my personal favorites is her rendition of "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face" originally from the musical "My Fair Lady". I also am in love with the retro, paper-cut-out look of the album cover and current web design. Very fun. I've been a bit behind on some projects (again) and can say this album has really been helping me crank some stuff out by fostering a calm and creative atmosphere. Download here and check out her website here for her summer tour info.

Happy listening!

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