Love and Want // 2010 Toyota Prius

Does anyone else get really gitty when the new Toyota Prius commercials come on?
That music!* Those clever little people making up the scenery! These fun ads are quickly gaining ground on my favorite "There's an app for that." commercials. I'm sure the commercials are also quite informational about their fuel economy, saving the planet and blah blah blah but I just get caught up in the happiness of them I've missed all that important stuff. I love the crafty and "handmade" look of the commercials and just the over all creativity. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing them (I know, it's just a commercial, right?) you can check out a couple below.

* That boppy acapella music is the work of Petra Haden. I'll share a bit more about her on this Friday's "Music to Create To". Stay tuned!

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