Music to Create To - Passion Pit

Three things I love about Passion Pit. 1. Their infectious blend of dance/pop. 2. The clapping on their single "Sleepyhead". 3. The stunning artwork on the cover of their EP "Chunk of Change". With a new full length album releasing May 19th this 5 piece band from Boston has some serious momentum behind them. I first discovered their song "Sleepyhead" through iTunes free song of the week. Shortly after, I downloaded the whole EP and have been creating to their music ever since. It's got enough instrumental/vocal balance to make it great music for doing concentrated design work to. I don't get distracted by the lyrics, but I don't feel like I'm listening to Muzac. Listen to a few of their tracks on their Myspace page here and check out their tour dates while you're at it. They're headed all over the world this summer, and sure to be somewhere near you.

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