Notes & Neighbors - The College Roommate(s)

During my college years, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a year studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. (Hence all of my Aussie obsessions.) While there, I lived in an odd housing situation with nine (NINE!) other girls. When I first learned of where and while whom I'd be living, I assumed the whole thing would be a disaster. That's way too much estrogen in one place for things to go smoothly! Much to my surprise and delight, not only did we all get along, we all became super close friends. But as happens in life, over time you lose touch and once in a while I'll think, "Where the heck is Jill these days?" You may not have nine other people to stay in touch with, but look up some of those college friends and roomies and send them a note to say hello and reminisce about that one crazy night.

Happy Writing!

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