Music to Crete To - Lenka

The first thing I heard about Lenka is that she was Australian. Having a weakness for everything Australian (bar all of their venomous reptiles and Fosters), I knew I would probably be a fan. Initial prejudices aside, she actually is quite a remarkable musician and I'm falling in love with her happy music. I discovered Lenka through Direct TV's broadcast of some of the concerts from this year's SXSW music festival and was blown away with her live vocals and the fact that her entire band just was smiley and happy. Initially I heard her as a mash up of Regina Spektor (minus the drugs), SIA and Ingrid Michaelson. But the more I listen, the more she's just herself. Unique, original, and happy! We need more happy music these days. Pick up Lenka's new CD here or download here and enjoy creating something as unique and inspiring as her music!

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jess gonacha said...

i haven't heard of her before- thank you! and that image is just awesome-- i love the color and had-drawn feel of it!