Notes & Neighbors

The other day a friend and I were lamenting the fact that all we find when we go to the mail box are bills or junk mail. Remember the days when you used to get letters? Today there are countless forms of quick and easy communication that we just don't take the time to sit down, hand write and snail mail a letter. Since my earliest days I've been obsessed with stationery (hence this wonderful Paper Mango gig). To me, note cards are like mini pieces of art. It's not just what's written, but the whole package. It's always good to know someone was thinking of you to the extent of spending some of their time to drop you an encouraging line. And we could certainly use every bit of encouragement we can get these days! So, in an effort to inspire this digital world to sit down and use a pen with ink in it I'm going to be starting a series called "Notes & Neighbors" that will post once a week or so where I'll highlight someone you might not normally think to write a note to.

To give one lucky person a jump start, I'm giving away a set of 10 cards! Just leave a comment with the design you'd like if you win and you'll be entered! Check out all of the designs at the Etsy store. Maybe we can start a little movement to bring some happiness to the world. One hand written note at a time!

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