Notes & Neighbors - The Friend Abroad

Yay! It's time for the first "real" Notes & Neighbors post. To read what this is all about, check out the inaugural post here.

We've all got that friend that we like to live vicariously through. They're off doing adventurous things all over the world while we're doing our part to stimulate the economy with our desk job. One of my good friends is currently living in rural Kenya working on a project that will bring clean water to hundreds of millions of people in Africa and possibly across the globe. He got to visit President Obama's Kenyan grandmother, while I got to figure out what to make for dinner. You get the point. The truth is, as exciting as the lives of these friends sound, they get homesick. And what better to cheer them up than a hand written note from a friend they know and love. If you're feeling really generous and have an extra few bucks for shipping, you might send them their favorite candy bar or other treat they can't find over seas. (Avoid sending nuts, or anything "natural" as these usually get confiscated by the fussy agricultural people.)

Happy Writing!

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