Correction - Tim Tams are at Target!

On January 26th I wrote a "Happy Australia Day" post and suggested everyone celebrate by doing this:

Tim Tam Slams
- Go to your local Cost Plus World Market and ask for a chocolate cookie called "Tim Tams". Then watch this video on how to successfully do a Tim Tam Slam. You'll get a mouth full of warm, chocolatey goodness and will not be disappointed.

The guarantee of an outstanding chocolate experience still stands, but no longer do you have to search for over priced Tim Tams at an import store. You can now find them in the U.S. at Target! Rejoice! Pepperidge Farms has started distributing Tim Tams on a "limited time only" basis exclusively through Target stores. I'm certainly hoping the treats are successful enough to remain as a staple on the cookie aisle, but just in case, I'm stocking up. Check out www.ilovetimtamcookies.com for some fun stuff and a chance to win a trip Down Under!

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