Help Etsy Spread the Love this Valentine's Day

I just heard about the greatest cause that we can all take part in to spread the love this Valentine's Day. Etsy is teaming up with Citymeals-On-Wheels this Valentine's Day to make sure that everyone that receives a hot meal (over 18,000!) through their program also receives a hand made Valentine's Day card. I love it! There are a couple ways that you can get involved with this:

1. Make a card! Bust out the construction paper and markers and let the kids go to town. Get creative your self with some card stock and cute scrapbooking paper.

2. If you're short on time, buy a card from your favorite handmade card seller on Etsy! (*nudge, nudge. wink, wink*) I'll even package it up and send it to it's final destination for you. Just put a little note in your order details and consider it done.

It's really that simple! Just think how much we can brighten up the day of a home-bound elderly person with a simple card. For more details (and there are some very important ones, so please do read them) and the address of where to send your unique creation check out this post on the Etsy blog. If you choose door number 1 I'd love to put up pictures of your card creations on the blog. Send an email to papermango@gmail.com with your pictures attached and I'll put them up.

Now, go spread the love!

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