Modish Monthly Meetup:::September Goals

The longer I'm doing this thing called Paper Mango the more I realize flexibility is maybe like theeeeee most important thing for me to have. Personally and in business things are always changing, circumstances are changing, things that I can not control are changing and so, I must change as well. Not an easy task for a girl who loves routine. But I'm learning. So maybe I didn't meet all of my goals to a "T" but, man, August was a good month for me. I had a slew of custom orders come in (and go out!), the icing is just about ready to be put on the cake for the new www.papermangodesign.com, I didn't design 10 distinct holiday cards, but I changed direction and decided to create holiday suites so I really designed quite a bit more than originally planned. So my goals were met, just not exactly how I had planned to meet them. The Winter Art Fair is taking a back seat I'm afraid. Still haven't heard any thing from them, and I've been getting good response from some online advertising so I think I'm going to put my eggs in that basket for now and move on to the next basket when things are a bit more manageable. The one thing that was really a bust was the business cards. I had them designed, then saw this cool idea on the Make It blog and decided that might be a cool way for me to make business cards and recycle paper scraps. Well, haven't gotten around to deciding on that one, which is why it's back on the list for September. Speaking of September, yay it's September! That means here in Phoenix we *might* get out of the triple digits which have been haunting us since May. So, here's to 90 degree weather, productivity and flexibility. Hope your August was stellar and that September is full of new and exciting things for you!

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J. Christina Huh said...

I love your cards! and I love how you made your list. :)

Are you talking about the biz acct at Chase without any fees and minimum balances? I was thinking about getting that one, but how is that different from a regular personal checking account?