Sustainability:::Back to School!

Yep, it's that time again. The time of year where I'm thankful that my formal schooling is over and where I am reminded that those 35mph signs are back in effect again. It's back to school season!
And I thought I'd join the celebration with a special BTS edition of Sustainability. There are lots of goodies here that will get your kids (or yourself!) excited about being one of the "greenest" students in class. So, enjoy the finds. And if there's something you need, but don't see, hop on over to Etsy and do a quick search and support sustainable, handmade businesses!

1. Infusion - Hemp Messenger Bag
This messenger bag is not only super cool and super handy, it's super green! The outer lining is made from 100% unbleached and undyed hemp and there's all sorts of pockets, pouches and clips which I need so I don't lose my keys.

2. Baby Momo - Organic Cotton Nap Mat
First things first, this picture is stunning! Now on to the product. This nap mat is 100% organic Cotton/Bamboo Nap Mat and is the correct dimensions for schools that require standard sized nap mats. All materials are safe, organic, sustainable and low-impact dyed!

3. Doti - KISS vintage record album turned into a journal/notebook
This. Is. Awesome. A vintage KISS album cover turned into a notebook. Even better? The actual vinyl record is the divider helping keep all of your subjects organized and rocking!

4. Moja Creations - Snack-A-Long Reusable, Eco-friendly Snack Bag
Tired of buying and tossing plastic zipper bags after one use and thinking there must be a better way? Enter Moja Creations reusable snack and lunch bags! Made with a waterproof and washable nylon or pro-care lining you can put your sandwich in this puppy again and again. They come in a variety of sizes and shipping is FREE in the U.S. through the summer.

Happy Shopping!


BayBeeGee said...

Amazing products and blog! Im so glad to have stumbled upon Paper Mango!
xoxo BayBeeGee

Melanie said...

Hey! Thanks a bunch. Glad you stumbled here too!

infusionfibers said...

Great picks Melanie. Thank you : )