Music to Create To - Josh Garrels :: Jacaranda

I'm so so excited to share this week's Music To Create To artist. Josh Garrels is an up and coming indie artist with the vision of Bob Dylan, the soul of a Gospel choir and the sound of the music child of Ben Harper, Joshua Radin, and Robert Randolph. I tend to struggle with music that speaks of faith, social justice and spiritual things because it's difficult to find if it doesn't have either bad music or a bad message. Josh Garrels broke down all of my pre-conseptions almost immediately. His music is rich and sincere and his message shares love to those with out it and confronts the status quo. Favorites tracks are "Rabbit & The Bear" which features a wicked didgeridoo and the soft and beautiful "Don't Wait for Me". Listen to an online stream of his music on his website here, purchase his albums here and check out his website for his lengthy West Coast summer tour.

Happy Listening!

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