Music to Create To - MGMT

MGMT (pronounced "management") is my new I'm-completely-obsessed-with-you band. There are more musical styles on their first full length album titled "Oracular Spectacular" than you could count, yet somehow it comes across as a unified sound. Since I've been struggling for days to figure out how to describe their sound I'm just going to throw some words out there that come to mind as I've been listening: physchedelic, lush, David Bowie, fun, disco, amazing, synth, "can I have some more please"? and Vampire Weekend. The thing I like the best? They're are creative and original, but still accesable to the listener. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but I don't understand Animal Collective. I've tried. Many times. I don't get it. I get MGMT and I love it. Download here, buy the CD here, visit their website here (which is a total trip and you must visit!).

Happy Listening!

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Angela said...

Watch their music vids. they're fantastic!