Music to Create To - The Airborne Toxic Event

Another find from the Direct TV broadcast of the SXSW festival, The Airborne Toxic Event has quickly become one of my favorites to create to. I often get "stuck" with my music and will listen to only one band or, even worse, one album for two weeks straight. It's like I have a music craving and nothing else satisfies it, and this is how I've been for a few days with The Airborne Toxic Event. Lots of upbeat, creative rock tunes with catchy hooks that keep playing in my head even after the music has stopped. Having seen them "live" (on tv) I would also agree with many reviews that they are just as good if not better in concert. They are a group of true performers and are a lot of fun to watch. I discovered that they're coming in concert to my part of the world next month and I'm hoping to catch the show. Go here to listen to a few of their tracks for free and then go buy the full album on iTunes here. Enjoy!

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