Music to Create To - Welcome Wagon

I realized after the last "Sweet Tunes" post that I find my self writing about music that I enjoy being creative to or that inspires creativity in me. So after this revelation, the sporadic "Sweet Tunes" series is turning into the weekly "Music to Create to" series. Every Friday I'll share about an album, artist or other music themed topic that I have found particularly inspiring while I've been working on creative projects. For me, music can totally make or break my creative mood so I'm really excited about sharing some of my favorites. If you have an recommendations, shoot me a comment or email and I'll give it a listen. To kick off the new series is, Welcome Wagon!

"Welcome to the Welcome Wagon" is the debut release from the husband/wife duo Welcome Wagon. Fans of Sufjan Stevens will quickly recognize his fingerprints all over this album. The catch phrase on the album cover states, "Pastor and wife join voices in sacred folk songs for all ages." I don't think it could be stated more accurately. Covers of traditional gospel songs and a few new gospel songs with traditional arrangements make up the majority of the album. At first listen, I really didn't "get it". But after a while the cd has grown on me as kind of just a nice happy collection of songs that's really easy to create to. Give it a listen while doing something creative and see what you think.

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