Design Resource Addiction - Pixels and Ice Cream

Apparently this week I'm doing an unintentional series on things I'm addicted to. Perhaps tomorrow will be a post all about my love for chocolate. But today, I just have to share this incredible new resource I stumbled upon in the design blogosphere. Jen Furlotte is the artist behind Pixels & Ice Cream, a blog where designers can snatch free (FREE!) Photoshop brushes, patterns and other goodies she shares with the world. And not only are they free, but her creations are beautiful, great quality, creative, hi-res and licensed for personal OR commercial use. I mean...amazing! Jen also offers some premium resources for a nomial ($1.99) fee which I will also be snagging soon. I guarantee you will be seeing some of her resources in up coming designs here at Paper Mango. Just looking through her work has gotten the creative juices flowing! If you're a designer, digi-scrapbooker, creative hobbiest, or know someone who would appreciate these free resources, send them to Pixels & Ice Cream! Maybe they'll make you something pretty as a thank you.

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