Sweet Tunes - Sara Groves "Oh Holy Night"

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to over saturate my ears with Christmas music. I listen to the local radio station that plays it 24/7 when I'm driving, I listen to my own collection of when I'm at the house, and when I'm online I load up a quick mix of all of Pandora's holiday stations, minus the country music. By time Christmas Day rolls around, I'm
ready to be done with "Jingle Bell Rock" for the next 11 months. With so many arrangements of the same old tunes, it's always refreshing to come across a new Christmas CD and this season I can't stop listening to Sara Groves' latest album, "Oh Holy Night". Sara has always been at the top of my list with her powerful singing, creative musicianship, and vulnerable song writing; all of which translate beautifully to this collection of songs. Many are familiar tunes, though some have a new twist and there are a couple of original pieces including the tounge-in-cheek "Toy Packaging" which I'm sure every parent can relate to. You can pick this CD up and add it to your Christmas music rotation at her online store here.

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