The Office Project - Part 1

As you probably deduced from the Moving Sale going on at the Etsy Store, my husband and I are moving. Not only am I excited to be a home owner and go paint crazy on the walls, I'm very excited that I will have an official home office. When I started Paper Mango over the summer, I had the same romantic visions of working from home, that most people that have never worked from home, have. Staying in your pajamas all day, working on the couch with HGTV in the background, and all that gas money I'd save by not driving anywhere. I quickly learned that 1) This gets boring very quickly, 2) The couch is a good way to turn a 2 hour project into a 5 hour project and 3) I enjoy human interaction and driving to coffee shops to see other people doesn't save that much gas. Even though I plan to continue to work from home, and will probably still have to get out to a coffee shop every once and a while I'm excited to have an actual office space where I can go and work. As I was thinking about all the ideas I have for making my space functional, creative, efficient and intentional I thought it would be fun to bring all my friends along with me on the journey! So here starts The Office Project! I'm starting with a couple pictures of my current "office". I'd love any thoughts or suggetions you have a long the way, so feel free to share! And don't forget, time is running out on the Moving Sale.

{My supply & paper storage/Printing nook}

{My "desk"}

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