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I'm always excited to find new ways to go green, and swaptree.com is my latest obsession. Instead of throwing away your books, cds, dvds and video games you no longer use, just trade them for stuff you want! Any time I pack to move I purge all the stuff I've collected since the last move. My theory is if I haven't used it, worn it, read it, or listened to it for a year or more, it's time to go. (Of course this doesn't apply to the winter coat that I wear once a year here in Phoenix, but for most else it's a good rule of thumb.) In the past I've usually had a yard sale, donated to Goodwill or gone to a local used book/music store to get rid of things. But now for all of my books, cds, dvds (I don't own video games) I've used swaptree. A wonderful place where you can list items you like to get rid of, items you would like to have, and swaptree matches up trades for you with people from all over the country! All you have to do is ship the item, and wait for yours to arrive. This weekend I traded a book and a cd to two different people, both items were under $2 to ship and I'm getting some cds that I've been wanting for a while but haven't been willing to shell the cash out for. Give it a try. You'll get rid of stuff that's cluttering your house, get stuff you want, and save some space in those overflowing landfills.

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www.swaptree.com....isnt it great. i think its the coolest.