Twin Shower - Custom Order

I thought I'd share a bit about a custom order that I'm currently working on and give you a little insider view at how this process works. Leah Nicole is pregnant with twins and though her mom is planning the shower, she had a very specific theme for the invitations that she wanted me to start working on. She liked the "two peas in a pod" theme but was aware that it could easily cross the line from cute-chic to cute-cheesy. I promised her I'd do my best to come up with the coolest little peas around. These two designs are the "final drafts" but neither she nor I have been able to decide on which one to run with. The first is a semi-custom design based on this invitation currently for sale at the Paper Mango Etsy store and the second is a totally new and custom design. I think both do a great job of communicating Leah Nicole's theme with out crossing that very fine chic/cheesy line. So, since we can't decide, which one would you choose if you were planning a twin shower and why? Let us know in the comments!


Krysty said...

I like the first one! It seems to chic-er lines... and the peas take center stage. The second one is equally amazing, but your eye is sort of torn whether to focus on the text, or admire the peas... it just seems a tiny bit busier or something. So I like the first one. Chic, whimsical and fantastically designed! Well done!

Kandes Lee said...

I like the first one only slightly better than the second. These are great invitations!!! Very cute ... not cheesy at all.