Featured Fruit - Personal Cards

Calling cards, social networking cards, mommy cards, call them what you want but these cards are the hottest accessory for the fall. From high end designers to your local office supply chain, everyone is jumping on the "personal card" bandwagon. I love the idea of these trendy-with-a-purpose cards but as with most "now" items there is a lot of boring and unoriginal pre-layed-out designs floating around. And since you're reading this blog I know you don't want to get caught trading cards with a new friend to discover you've traded the same cards with different info. Check out our originally designed "Calling Cards" to make sure your card doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Have a different design in mind? Let us do a custom design that you can call all your own.

Oh, and moms and students, don't forget to order yours in time for the back to school rush. Share your cards with teachers, class mates, or dorm mates to make sure you stay in the loop!

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